How to Choose Pest Control in Singapore

Pests are a nuisance and the longer they choose to treat your home as theirs, greater the damage they can cause. We often adopt a DIY approach when it comes to common pests, and most often they don’t work well enough.Ants, fleas, roaches and other pests can together make life miserable for you. They can also be carriers of germs and diseases, and before you even know it, you have a huge health problem on your hands. With people in Singapore beginning to turn health-conscious and with the elderly and children being more vulnerable, pest control Singapore is gathering momentum.


When you tackle pest control on your own, you’d probably use a single product to control them, but pest infestations require to be treated on multiple levels with multiple products using multiple techniques. That’s why advance pest management is a must for most homes that are pest-infested.

At Advance Pest Management Singapore, we treat all pest infestations as serious and ensure timely elimination of pests. We have been in the business for many years and our reputation precedes us everywhere we go. We use the latest techniques for eliminating pests and help avert new invasions. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to pest management and the effectiveness of our pest control teams. No problem is too small or too complex for us to handle.


Very often we have seen that gullible customers are taken for a ride- with a plethora of pest control companies mushrooming across the region, you need to exercise caution while searching for one. First identify the kind of services that you require, find a company and then evaluate and assess their effectiveness. Look at online reviews and the kind of customer service that they deliver before contracting a pest control company’s services.

Bearing these points in mind will help you in choosing pest control in Singapore:

  • Choose a company that has the experience and the exposure to different kinds of problems
  • the pest control company of your choice should be properly equipped, abreast of the latest techniques in pest control, be conscious of safety methods and use only eco-friendly chemicals
  • All technicians must be certified and licensed in accordance with the prevailing regulatory norms
  • The reputation of the pest control company should precede it- good customer reviews and word of mouth referrals are significant
  • Turning out quality work, being competent, working to schedule are the hallmarks of any trade, and a pest control company is no different
  • Cost is a factor but so is quality
  • Don’t be taken in by unscrupulous companies that offer to other services in addition to incidental pest control

It’s important to research the pest control company before contracting its services. Take a look at its online portfolio- that should be a good starting point. Word of mouth referrals are the best recommendation. Take your time about making a choice- don’t contact the first pest control company that you come across.

Most pest control companies offer free estimates- get several of them from different companies. Weigh this against what they have to offer and then make your decision. Whatever happens, don’t succumb to external pressure tactics that some companies may adopt. Be wary of those that don’t have listed or working telephone numbers and don’t be taken in by those that claim to be endorsed by government agencies.

Pest control needs to be tackled on a war footing, else it may get out of hand. We at Advance Pest Management Singapore are always geared and ready to meet any kind of pest challenges. Just give us a call and we’ll be there in a few minutes.