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Housekeeping in Singapore

housekeeping singapore

With working hours ranging from 8 to 10 hours a day, Singaporeans often find it difficult to main proper housekeeping. This essential part of maintaining a household can often slip off the minds of Singaporeans. We tend to find ourselves too caught up with work that our lives revolve around our jobs. We then find ourselves in is a disordered and dirty house paid with our hard earned money. The next thing we find ourselves in is an agency with domestic helpers. These hardworking helpers spend their entire day performing housekeeping duties from cooking, to doing the dishes, to maintaining cleanliness of the household.

Limitations of housekeeping

Whether its being done by household members or hired individuals, housekeeping only covers the maintenance of a house to a certain extent. Most of us have experience in cooking, doing the dishes, washing the clothes etc. However, not many know how to change the lightbulb, or fix water leakages, or even control pest infestation. These are some of the housekeeping duties that are usually handled by 3rd party vendors.

An especially niche housekeeping duty is pest control. Unlike water leakages or faulty lightbulb, pest infestation is sometimes difficult or almost impossible to detect. We might be living in a house of pest without even knowing it. Performing basic housekeeper duties do play a part in reducing pest infestation. However it will not completely solve the problem.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Even before there is a need to exterminate the pests living in our house, prevent them from entering. Hire an NEA certified/legal pest control specialist to assess the pest situation in your home now.


Mosquito Management in Singapore

Mosquito Management

Most Singaporeans are very familiar with mosquitoes or at least the harm they may bring. However, not many know the different types of mosquitoes. The most common mosquitoes in Singapore are actually the Aedes Mosquitoes, Anopheles Mosquito and the Culex Mosquitoes. These names may not sound very relatable, but just keep in mind that mosquitoes are pests in general. Due to the recent hike in dengue and zika cases, the chase for mosquito management services rocketed too. There are several habits that Singaporeans can adopt to reduce these life-threatening cases.


Reducing Mosquito Breeding

As deadly as it seems, reducing mosquito breeding can be very simple. A natural habitat for Mosquitoes’ larvae is stagnant water. Removing any form of accessible stagnant water eliminates the breeding environment for mosquitoes. Sometimes no matter how often we remove the stagnant water, we still find mosquitoes loitering around somewhere. This is where professional mosquito management comes into play.


Types of control used in Mosquito Management

A typical control treatment method in mosquito management is fumigation. This method involves the release of poisonous gas to the surrounding. Fumigants contain phospine and methyl bromide gases, and it should only be released in enclosed space. Any form of negligence or failure of compliance can result in death of human beings. Another mosquito management control treatment method is fogging. Unlike fumigation, fogging involves water-based insecticide and it is much safer to execute in an open environment.


Choose the correct Mosquito Management Specialist

As mentioned above, fogging and fumigation require an NEA certified professional to carry out the tasks. These mosquito control methods can be harmful to the neighbourhood and the environment. Any wrong procedural method will cause very detrimental effects. Therefore, choosing the right/suitable mosquito management specialist is of utmost importance.
A good mosquito control specialist will take into account the following :1. Identification and investigationDuring the initial inspection, the specialist will determine the potential risks and assess suitable treatment solutions. They should also give advice on pre-emptive measures to prevent occurrences of any future pest infestation.2. Respect the Environtment

As much as there should be respect to the owner’s properties, a professional should also be environmentally friendly. Any chemical used should adhere to NEA industry standards, and any harmful substances should be used in moderation.


Cockroach Terminator in Singapore

Cockroach Control in Singapore

Who are the worst creatures in the world

Known for its insane durability, cockroaches are said to be the only creature that can survive a nuclear attack. Cockroaches leave an invisible trail that makes it almost impossible to find out where they are coming from. It also scares us to know that it will never be alone. Which is why cockroach terminator in Singapore is essential.

How cockroach terminator in Singapore helps

There are mainly 4 types of cockroaches in Singapore. They are the German Cockroach, American Cockroach, Panesthia Angustipennis, and the Madagascar Cockroach. The American Cockroach is the typical roach infestation we find in our homes. A cockroach’s living environment tends to be warm and secluded, and usually has presence of water and food. Common places these cockroach pests reside in are the empty gaps in the kitchen oven or fridge.
Have you ever killed so many cockroaches in your house and still find that there are more days or weeks later? This is so because cockroaches breed at an extremely fast rate.
Effective cockroach terminator in Singapore consists of services such as the following :
1. Cockroach pest infestation inspection
2. Residual Chemical Spraying in infested areas
3. Fogging of rubbish chute
4. Glue boards placement

Where to spot roach infestation

Cockroaches are hardly seen in the day as they settle in dark places and only roam around at night. Regardless, this smart and durable creature never fails to leave tracks of its existence. Some of the signs of roach infestation are the shed skin, feces, eggs, and dead comrades lying around. As mentioned, cockroaches breed at an extremely fast rate, and it is no doubt that it will soon be a colony of roaches. The bigger the population, the higher the chance of spreading diseases in your household.

When to engage cockroach terminator in Singapore

Given the cockroaches’ resilience and great adaptability, off-the-shelves sprays and baits can only solve the temporary issue.They can never wipe out an entire colony, however they still do the job of killing the cockroaches that we can see with our bare eyes. Eradicating roach infestation usually requires professional knowledge and expertise in this field.

Mouse Control

Mouse Control

As harmless as they sound, rodents such as hamsters, chinchillas and mice are often kept by owners as pets. However, rats are often mistaken as mice due to its similarity in appearance. The most common types of rat in Singapore are the Norway Rats and the Roof Rats. As the name suggests, roof rats prefer higher grounds and can hardly be found in burrows. Roof rats are very agile and they leverage on this characteristic to climb to higher grounds to gain entry. Therefore, performing roof rat extermination or forms mouse control against roof rats may not be as simple as it is.

Unlike the roof rats, the Norway Rats otherwise known as the brown rats are often found in sewers. These are usually the type of rodents we can easily identify on the streets of Singapore. As urbanization progresses, resources for these rodents survival are becoming highly available leading to a higher growth rate. These unwanted pests carry diseases and bacteria which can be a potential health risk to households. It is still not too late for any form of rodent or mouse control to stop the breeding of these little walking diseases.

Signs that you need mouse control

The first sign to look out for is foreign discharge. The brown-rice-shaped appearance is a common trait of rats droppings. During any identification of the rats and rodents droppings, bear in mind to never touch it with your bear hands, as they are full of bacteria and can transmit harmful viruses that will cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).

Another sign of rodent infestation is chew marks. Similar to mice, rats chew constantly, and they have the tendency to chew on things that contain food. Any food packaging hard or soft with chew marks on it may be a sign of rodent infestation. Due to its flexibility of their bone structure, Norway Rats only require the size of a dollar coin to gain entry. It also means these rats could be hiding in the sewage drain at the backyard of your house. Any murky grease tracks can also be one of the signs of rodent infestation.

Mouse Control Singapore

Maintain sanitation within the premise is a baby step to rat and rodent control in Singapore. Keeping the house clean and free from litters and leftover food will also help to keep the household free from rat pest. However, if rodent infestation is already present, sanitation will not be of much help and getting rid of its nest is a better option. Engage a mouse control or rodent control professional to perform a full-fledged rat rodent extermination. He/she will first inspect the surrounding to locate the mice’¬†habitat(s). After which, exclusion will be to seal all openings and entry for the rodents, followed by placing rodent baits in strategic areas. Rodent baits are poison baits whereby it poisons and kills the rats upon consumption.

Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug Services

Bed bugs are often mistaken as cockroaches or nymphs, however, their differences are very distinct. In Singapore, bed bugs are small, oval and brown that feed on the blood of living organisms. Unlike roaches, their size is almost the size of a sunflower seed, but have a flat body feature. Bed bug services are very crucial especially if pests pose a serious threat to the household. Since they are small and they tend to live in tiny hiding spaces in the mattresses, bed sheets, and frames. As a nocturnal creature, bed bugs sleep in the day, and attack in the night while people are asleep, and get away unnoticed.


Why engage in bed bug services provider

There are several approaches to bed bug removal. Some will choose to DIY, while others will arrange for bed bug removal services. The “Doing-It-Yourself” approach is more prone to a relapse in bed bug infestation because of the lack of understanding in bed bugs control method. Knowing the habits of bedbugs is a skill that every pest control specialist hones and will be an added advantage in getting rid of it. It is essential to know what are the “dos and don’ts” to avoid bed bug infestation. However, there is only so much one can do. Keep your mind at ease and leave it to bed bug services provider to get rid of the bed bugs for you.

– Maintain a habit of performing frequent washing of bed sheets and heat-steaming of mattresses.
– Upholstery and carpets have to be washed/vacuumed frequently as well to remove bed bugs residing in them.
– Avoid having cramp openings by leaving a substantial amount of space from the beds and walls.
– Rinse and scrub luggage when arriving back home as bed bugs are often imported from countries outside of Singapore.

– Avoid placing luggage on surfaces surrounding the bed or on the bed itself.


Bed Bug Services in Singapore

There are many pest control specialists rendering bed bug removal services in Singapore. Also, check for certifications and licenses to justify that the quality of the treatment meets the industry standard. However, before engaging any one of these pest control specialists, always request for a quotation. Professional bed bug control consultant should always include a complimentary quote to give their clients an overview of the services included. A bed bug specialist should not only perform its due diligence, he should also treat the home of the client with care and respect.

Termite Protection in Singapore

Termite Protection Singapore

Termite protection is one of highest sought after pest control services in Singapore. As small as they may appear, termites are often a problem for most home owners. Owners tend to feel helpless in cases like this. However, there are multiple termite control measures Singaporeans can adopt. Since subterranean termites have a tendency of residing and consuming wood that moist and soft. A preventive measure would be to keep all wood dry, which will reduce the chances of termite infestation.

Regardless of the anti termite control homeowners take, it is inevitable for termite infestation to still happen. This is when termite protection comes into place.

Many Singapore homeowners are unsure of the different termite protection solutions and its respective costs. Conduct a thorough investigation to determine the severity of the termite infestation. Decide on which method of termite protection to use based on the effectiveness against the infestation. Even so, treating a termite infestation may not be as simple as it seems because of its underlying problems. Termite control specialists are often sought after for a comprehensive and effective termite protection solution.


Termite protection cost in Singapore

Cost of Termite protection in Singapore varies according to the treatment method and the underlying factors causing the termite infestation.

1. Size and region of the premise.

Depending on the size of the house, different sizes require different treatment delivery. In light of the volume of material used, a bigger house is more likely to cost more in order to fully eradicate the termite infestation. The location of house plays apart in termite infestation as well. Houses situated near parks or gardens are more inclined to face termite attacks as the air and soil are more damp and humid, causing wood surfaces to be moist, and more prone to termite infestation. In cases like this, the best termite control measure will require more preventive measures that will incur additional cost.

2. Treatment method.

Simple chemical spot treatments which concern only a small defined area with intention to protect a specific location are more friendly to the wallet. Whereas post construction treatment which requires injecting temiticide into landscape area or drilling holes into the ground slab near to perimeter of building and injecting termiticide into the drilled holes may be costly, however the latter is a full fledged preventive measure that is very important in removing termites altogether.

3. Types of termite.

There are different ways to eliminated termite infestations. Some require more costly method such as chemicals, while others require simple anti termite protection such as mirco-wave technology.


Choosing the best termite protection specialist in Singapore

It is very important in choosing the best termite protection specialist in Singapore because the life of your house is in the hands of theirs. A wrong move or a missing step can cause severe detrimental effects on the structure or foundation of your house. A research on termite control review in Singapore can be a good gauge on how professional the services are. Check that the pest control company for a valid license in pest control. There are guidelines that these companies have to abide by when performing pest control so as to avoid harming the environment and the land integrity.

Make sure that the termite control specialist has sufficient knowledge before engaging one. It is of utmost importance in engaging a qualified “Termitenator” rather than scrimping on that additional money and have your building’s structure compromised and ultimately paying more for the damages done. Prices vary according to the severity of the termite infestation and also the experience of the Termitenator.