Rats are a nuisance for any residential, commercial or agricultural establishment. They contaminate food, spread diseases and damage property. There are various species of rats like cotton rats, roof rats and Norway rats. Once they find way into a home they multiply quite fast. They do not hibernate; instead they find a warm place to reproduce. Chewed wires, rat droppings are an indication of a rat infestation. Apart from applying some DIY methods to control rats, it is advisable to seek help from professional rat control services. We at Advance pest management would not only address the current problem of rats but also make your homes permanently free of these rodents.

rat control solution

Our 5 rat control solutions are:

  1. Seal rodent entry points

Rats are able to squeeze through very small holes. Any such holes or gaps in and around the building walls should be sealed. Use metal mash to close entry points. This helps to keep out rodents permanently out of the house. Some of the common entry points of rats are holes near the sink, holes in attics or basements and gaps around windows and doors.

  1. Eliminate rodent food sources

Rats are attracted to food and water sources. Food in open garbage cans, pet food left outside, leaky pipes are common sources of food and water for them. All food items should be covered properly. Leaky pipes should be repaired. Uneaten pet food should be removed quickly.

  1. Use traps inside home

It is better to use traps inside homes as it provides confirmation of a rat being caught. It also helps to avoid smells and decaying rat body. You don’t have to worry about dead rats in out of reach areas. Using rodenticides inside house also pose a danger to children and pets. Snap traps are recommended more than electric or glue traps. Traps should be used properly by following all instructions.

rats control solution 2

  1. Use rodenticides outside home

Rodenticides are poison and hence should be used with caution. Keep in mind that they might be eaten by other animals too. Use them only after taking into account all the risk factors. Use them in areas which are not frequented by kids or pets. Follow the instruction given on the label.

rats control solution 3

  1. Remove rodent habitats

Rodents use bushes, firewood, garbage piles as shelter. In order to distract rodents from using your home surroundings as their nesting places it is better to cut grass regularly and avoid planting ivy and keep firewood piles off the ground. Inside your home, try to avoid any kind of clutter from accumulating like paper, fabrics etc. They form ideal breeding grounds for rats.

Rat control is important to keep your home and surroundings healthy and safe. Advance pest management provides solutions for rat control that are effective and permanent. We can schedule an inspection of your property to ascertain any rat infestation and advise you accordingly. We are trained to not only deal with the current situation but also to prevent any future problem.