What could possibly cause problems in a beautifully built home? Pests! Of course, right from ants to termites to spiders to rats, they would definitely be a hindrance to everyone. Advance Pest Management is one of Singapore’s best pest control management.Our exterminators are experienced and reliable. They exterminate bed bugs, termites, rats, ants, tics, cockroaches, rats and all other pests. We use the latest technology to make sure that the pests are exterminated efficiently so that they do not come back. They also prevent new and recurring pest invasions.

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Our technicians are well trained and are nationally recognized. They have under gone many hours of training that is advanced in nature. We make use of the latest technology that exterminates the pests but also keep in mind the safety of the residents of the house. Not only extermination of the pests is important, but also the safety and health of the residents of the house.

We not only deal with common pests such as ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, tics, spiders, etc. but also with the removal of hornets, bees and snakes.

A home is where the family celebrates happiness and laughter. It is also the most important investment that one makes. The presence of pests will considerably lower the value of your house. They can rapidly eat the internal and external components of the house right from wood to the paneling.

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Keeping all this in mind, we provide the best pest control management. We use the latest technology that includes, but is not limited to Termatrac T3i and baiting technology. It uses a unique three in one technology to track and detect the presence of pests in any parts of the house. On the other hand, baiting system uses the biological tactics of the pests to work against their own survival and naturally kill the whole colony of the pest that has infested in your home. We also provide pest control technology that can be incorporated while building your home so that the occurrence of pests in prevented from the scratch.

Bed bugs are growing in occurrence as pests in Singapore. They spread to all parts of the house easily and are harmful to the health of the residents as they can bite to cause rashes and itching. They are usually found on cloth, bedding, tapestries, etc. We provide the best solution to remove and prevent the infestation of bed bugs.

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Termites eat away the wood in furniture as well as the planks that are used during the construction of your home. They can considerably weaken the strength of the home. We, at Advance Pest Management provide the best solution for the removal and prevent their recurrence.

We offer you timely and efficient services that will give you guaranteed results. Our top most priority is the satisfaction of our clients. We let out work speak for us. If you want your home tested for the presence of pest, book an appointment with us right away.

A pest free home is a happy home!