Having termites in your home is an epidemic that is hard to detect and can cause a great hole in your pocket. Basically, the termites are tiny, pale insect that survives in large colonies and mostly on wooden objects. The cockroach related tiny creatures are extremely dangerous, if not eliminated timely. These insects enter thehome by means of cracked foundations and destroy all wooden objects as they thrive on wood. If you happen to see your house getting infested with termites, get in touch with a professional Singapore Termite Control service provider like Advance Pest Management.

What we do for Termite Control

We at Advance Pest Management perform aregular inspection to ascertain the extent of termite infestation. We offer spot treatment to the affected area and recheck the area after one week, to check on the effectiveness of treatment. This reduces the dependency on Singapore Termite Controland regular checking prevents damage of landed properties.

Termite control specialist in Singapore

The post-construction treatment of termite is also a part of the control strategy. In the post-constructionphase,Advance Pest Managementundertake anti termite treatment procedure after a home has been made. In this process drilling on the surrounding of the premise is done and 5 liters of termite solution is added to each hole and sealed with concrete and cement. This methodology prevents termite infestation up to five years.

Moreover, the prevention of termites should actually start during the pre-construction phase. In this phase Advance Pest Management treats the soil with theanti-termite chemical. The treatment comprises of adding a layer of thechemical in the foundation of the house to remove any chance of termite. The setting of thechemicalbarrier, when created properly, can give a protection of five years.

The third Singapore Termite Control strategy involves treating your roofs. Not many people know that roofs of the house are more susceptible to termites and woodworms. Many builders treat the roof beforehand with anti-termite solutions to prevent any damage, but with time, the chemical loses its effectiveness, causing damage. We completely acknowledge the problem and offer roof treatment facility with warranty. Additionally, we also conduct anannual inspection to keep your roof free on any termite infestation.

What’s latest in the world of Termite Control?

1) Termatrac T3I- The termatrac t3i is a device that detects termite. It is a licensed radar detection device that comes with aremote thermal sensor and a pinpoint correct moisture sensor. The equipment is a revolutionary innovation in the field of termite control, as it has the capability to identify, confirm and monitor the infestation of termites. The combined effort of radar technology, thermal sensor, and moisture detectors work to acknowledge the presence of subterranean termites

2) Xterm- A product of Sumitomo chemical is a termite torturing system, created to manage termite colonies in an environmentally friendly manner. The matrix of the baiting system is created out of compressed cellulose. Moreover, the termite baiting system takes advantage of the natural behavior of termite because social insects and termites share and eat, the process better known as trophallaxis. This feature allows slow transfer of toxicants to the colony. It regulates thegrowth of termites and affects the moultingprocess of these termites.