There are many species of termites present in our tropical climate. Some of these species tend to live and feed outdoors only. However, where termites operate indoors, that is where they cause huge problems where entire parquet flooring areas or wooden panels can be eaten hollow by a voracious colony of termites. To understand termite control in the home or the building, it is important to understand the different types of termites as they require a different kind of treatments to eliminate them. This is where the termite control specialist can play a part to solve your problem. 

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Outdoor Termites

Outdoor termites typically attack trees and build mounds as their nesting grounds.

Termite Control in Singapore


Where such termites attack a tree, the tree in question can be removed for safety reasons, or treated if it is a tree that the homeowner wishes to safeguard. Such tree treatments involve a chemical application that can come with a short warranty depending on the lifespan of the chemical used.

Indoor Termites

Indoor termites include a highly destructive species of subterranean termite, as well as a less destructive species of dry-wood termites. These species can be loosely classified as indoor species as they tend to feed on wood and cellulose sources indoors. Of the two species, the dry-wood termites are more harmless.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites typically are found within wooden furniture or wooden fixtures such as built in cabinets or paneling. The entire colony lives within these wooden items and the nests are not connected to the ground. The tell tale sign is the presence of the pellets, especially where the pellets reappear after cleaning off the previous batch.


Treatment of dry-wood termites can be a tricky business since there is no way to access the colony without permanently damaging the particular piece of wood. For moveable items such as furniture, a fumigation of the item or an intensive heat treatment can be done.

Termite Control Specialist in Singapore


Tackling termite control is a tricky business, as the average building / home owner may be faced with the sheer volume of different treatment methods for the different species of termites in Singapore. That is why termite control is best done by the specialist as it is critical to first make a definite identification of the different type of termite for the treatment method. Once the species is identified, then a decision on termite control can be made on a long term or short term solution to the termite problem. Most importantly, one should take note of what to look out for when choosing a suitable termite control specialist to address the issue.

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